dogpawblackonwhite150wWe've Unleashed a new Bylaw

Flagstaff County has developed its first-ever Dog Control Bylaw for the regulation of dogs within the Hamlets of Strome and Galahad, and throughout rural Flagstaff. County Council approved Bylaw 01/17 during a regular Council meeting Feb. 8. This bylaw takes effect immediately. Here are the highlights:

Dog Identification — Hamlet residents are no longer required to license their dogs. As an alternative, owners will be required to obtain an identification tag for their dog (which may include: physical tags worn by the dog, a tattoo, or microchip). This requirement will assist in reuniting lost dogs with their owners and distinguishing domesticated dogs from feral or other stray dogs, but avoids imposing the administrative burden of requiring the County to issue licenses and dog tags. Each owner will require an identification tag for dogs that are over six months old.

Number of Dogs — This Bylaw adopts by reference the County's Land Use Bylaw provision that regulates the number of dogs permitted on a property.

General Offences — Offences for three distinct areas of dog control have been established and will be regulated:

  1. Control and noise, including dogs at large; excessive noise; threatening or aggressive behavior; causing damage; and causing the escape of a dog without an owner's permission.
  2. Hygiene and nuisances, including failing to clean up after a dog on a property other than the owner's; an owner failing to maintain their property in a clean and sanitary condition; and an owner of a dog in heat failing to take measures to avoid attracting other animals.
  3. Care, including abusing a dog; leaving a dog unattended in a motor vehicle without proper protection or that creates a risk of harm to the dog; and failing to retain a dog within a motor vehicle so it cannot escape or attract harm.

Dangerous Dogs — The declaration of dangerous dogs, the mechanism for seeking a review of a declaration, and the special requirements placed on the owners of dangerous dogs are all regulated.

Enforcement of bylaw — The authority of a Peace Officer to enforce the provisions of this Bylaw and procedures to recover costs for actions and enforcement of this bylaw has been established.

Impoundment — Provisions and procedures for impoundment have been set out, including notifications, reclaiming from impoundment and the process for dogs not claimed (humane euthanasia).

Fines and Penalties — A person guilty of an offence will be liable, upon summary conviction, to either a specified penalty, or a period of imprisonment not exceeding six months for non-payment of a fine.

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