One lab-confirmed case of clubroot has been uncovered in Flagstaff County.

Inspectors with the County and the Battle River Research Group have conducted random inspections of 200 fields in recent weeks for the soil-borne disease that affects canola, mustard and other cruciferous crops in the cabbage family.

Since 2008, clubroot has been detected in 35 fields in Flagstaff County. The majority of the fields are located between Highway 13 and Township Road 424, from Highway 36 west to the County line.

Inspections follow standard protocols as recommended in the Alberta Clubroot Management Plan.

Positive identification is obtained through a laboratory test. The owner of the land verified to be positive for clubroot this season will be notified in writing with a legal notice in accordance with the Province of Alberta Agricultural Pests Act.

Fields verified as being positive for clubroot shall not be seeded to canola or another host crop for three years.

If a host crop is sown on land that has clubroot and a notice has been issued on this property restricting the growth of host crops, the host crop shall be destroyed.

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