Kim recognition200w At the April 13th Flagstaff County Council meeting, Kim Cannady, Regional Emergency Services Coordinator was recognized for his exemplary work in his field and for going above and beyond in his line of duties.

At the meeting, Reeve Kuefler read a letter from the Alberta Office of the Fire Commissioner regarding K. Cannady's leadership role in matters that can affect the psychological health of emergency responders. He has had several discussions with K. Cannady regarding the mental health of responders and the supports that are available to assist them in dealing with the many traumatic incidents that these responders attend. His passion to ensure their safety is demonstrated each time.

He advised that K. Cannady has recently stepped up and provided support to another fire department that had responded to a very difficult call. He provided one on one conversations with each responder and assisted them in providing someone to talk to, providing them with coping mechanisms and reassuring them that the reactions they were having were normal reactions to an abnormal event. He shared that K. Cannady is a definite leader that sets a fine example that others strive to meet.

 Congratulations Kim in receiving this recognition.

 From Flagstaff County Council and staff