Bridge Repairs

Concrete patching has been completed on the girders of the following four bridges associated with the Iron Creek in the northeast area of Flagstaff County.

  • Twp Rd 442 (between Rge Rd 110 and 105)
  • Twp Rd 460 (between Rge Rd 140 and 135)
  • Rge Rd 101 (between Twp Rd 434 and 432)
  • Rge Rd 103 (between Twp Rd 440 and 432)

Flagstaff County would like to thank motorists for your patience and cooperation during this project.

Road Closures

  • Twp Rd 422 is closed between Rge Rd 145 and 150, northeast of Forestburg, for a washout.

(Note: Please keep in mind that our seasonal crews will be out working on our roadways and to use extreme caution while travelling on these roads while they are being maintained in any way.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.)