Dust Suppressant

Crews have been spraying strategic and residential locations with MG 30 dust suppressant and will continue to do so throughout the upcoming week. All MG 30 dust suppressant application is dependent on weather conditions.

Road Recovery

Crews will begin working on the following road recovery projects the week of July 6:

  • East of Daysland on Range Road 160, north from Highway 13 to Township Road 464 for 10 miles;
  • East of Strome on Range Road 150, north from Highway 13 to Township Road 452 for 4.5 miles

These sections of roadway will be temporarily closed during the day for the duration of the project.

Road Closures

Tentatively, the following roads will be closed for road re-construction (local traffic only) as per the dates listed below:

  • Range Road 124 – June 17, 2020 to July 17, 2020
    From Township Road 454, north 2 miles to Township Road 460
  • Range Road 124 – July 6, 2020 to July 20, 2020
    From Sedgewick Lake Park Campground, north 1.5 miles to Township Road 444

Please be advised of the following road closures due to overland flooding and other issues:

  • Rge Rd 111 south of Hwy 13 (southeast of Lougheed)
  • Rge Rd 131 between Twp Rd 460 and 454 (northeast of Killam)
  • Rge Rd 154 north of Twp Rd 442 (southwest of Strome)
  • Twp Rd 412 between Rge Rd 163 and 164 (southwest of Forestburg)
  • Rge Rd 164 between Twp Rd 454 and Twp Rd 460 (north of Daysland)
  • Rge Rd 154 between Twp Rd 462 and 460 (northwest of Wavy Lake)

(Note: Please keep in mind that our seasonal crews will be out working on our roadways and to use extreme caution while travelling on these roads while they are being maintained in any way. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.)