Census: Help us serve you better

Attention county and hamlet residents! We’re excited to announce that we will be conducting a municipal census starting May 1 and running until July 31.

As this is our first census in several decades, your participation is crucial in helping us plan for the evolving needs of Flagstaff County.

Years of population change, including the more recent incorporation of the Hamlets of Strome and Galahad, have left an uneven distribution throughout our seven electoral divisions. It’s time to redraw our electoral boundaries to give residents the best possible municipal representation.

This census will be available for you to complete online. Watch for more details in the coming weeks. If you do not complete the census online, an enumerator will visit your residence to gather the essential data.

As part of this process, County Council has requested that new electoral boundary maps be drawn up – with seven divisions and with five divisions. Before Council makes a decision on the proposals, you will be invited to provide input on this important issue.

Council’s intention is to pass a bylaw with the new electoral boundaries in place for the next election in the fall of 2025.