red silhouettes campaignFlagstaff County is participating in the “Red Silhouette Campaign” during Family Violence Awareness Month in November.

This is an educational and awareness campaign aimed at educating residents of Flagstaff about family violence, its reach, its aftermath and how to decrease it.

Family violence has increased during COVID and we hope to bring more awareness to this issue and keep it at the forefront of the minds of people in our community.

The Flagstaff County administration building has adopted three red silhouettes (male, female and child) for the first week of November to display. The silhouettes feature statistics and/or stories about family violence and prominently feature the Alberta Domestic Violence Hotline.

Alberta has one of the highest self-reported rates of spousal assault out of the provinces in Canada. It is hoped that educational campaigns such as this one will decrease the instances of family violence.

Sincerely yours,

The Red Silhouette Campaign Committee

  • Flagstaff’s Informed Response Sharing Team (FIRST)
  • Flagstaff Family and Community Services
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Parents for Fun in Flagstaff, Healthy Families
  • Camrose Women’s Shelter
  • Prairie Central FASD
  • Flagstaff Victim Services
  • Flagstaff Family Day Home Society,
  • Camrose Family Resource Centre Association
  • Flagstaff Community Adult Learning

Family Violence Hotline: 310-1818 (Toll free 24/7 in Alberta)