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August 6th, 2019

Flagstaff County Seeks Region's Input for New Economic Development Strategy

Sedgewick, Alta. — The Flagstaff County Economic Development department has formed a Steering Committee and is working with Lochaven Consulting and Urban Systems to collaboratively seek the County’s engagement towards creating their new “5-year Economic and Community Development Strategic Plan”. Based on the success of their previous strategy, the Economic Development department is seeking to build on those past successes and capitalize on further untapped opportunities that the Region has to offer.

The strategic process is intended to be committed and focused in an effort to preserve and enhance economic circumstances and the quality of life within Flagstaff County. As the Economic Development department sees opportunities for growth in several main sectors ranging from agriculture to tourism.

Kristy Jackson, Economic Development Officer for Flagstaff County said, “our Region as a whole has so much to offer, that’s why our approach is a County-wide Regional approach. Therefore, we want to focus our efforts on keeping all stakeholders and communities engaged and informed throughout this process so that we as Region can celebrate the successes of projects and developments resulting from the strategy process.”

Recognizing the importance of community engagement and participation, there are a variety of opportunities that are being arranged to ensure that the entire Region has a chance to provide their input to the 5-year strategic plan to ensure the Region's success.

“One of the exciting pieces of this strategy is that there will be a unique demonstration project implemented. The project will be a direct result of the information gathered and opportunities identified from the communities in the County. The demonstration project is one element to ensure the community stakeholders have the supports they need to be economically strong,” said Jenalee Waring, Economic Development Coordinator for Flagstaff County.

The demonstration project will be a real testament to the Flagstaff County Economic Development departments continued commitment to being action-oriented and following-through with implementing programs and projects that are identified by community members to be desirable and needed to support the County in their various economic development initiatives.

The strategy aims to be completed by Fall 2019 and the demonstration project is to be implemented shortly after. The strategy will be inclusive of an action plan to implement objectives/goals set forth in the strategy, as well as performance measures and timelines to evaluate whether, and to what extent, the planned objectives and goals are being met over the next five years.

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