scholarship recipients

(Back row, left to right: Kaylee Prichard, Duncan Coutts, Colton McMahon, Tucker McMahon, Leah Armitage, Cassidy Bogstie, Brynn Blumhagen, Bria Kroetch, Ashley Barton and Jo-anne Yuzik. Front row: Reeve Don Kroetch, Karali Newby, Sydney Kelndorfer, Alexis Pfeffer, Kelsey Cloutier, Shelby Meyer, Alarie Guhle, Brooke Hochhausen, Jaime Holsworth and Maven Boddy.)

Congratulations to the 25 recipients of a $1,000 Flagstaff County Educational Scholarship!

This year, applicants had the option of either submitting a video promoting the Flagstaff Region or providing a written response to an essay question and completing a S.W.O.T. analysis of the region. 

The criteria was as follows:


Create a 1- 2 minute video featuring the Flagstaff Region. The video must promote the Flagstaff Region by highlighting what you feel the region offers residents and/or tourists. Please provide a brief summary (1- 2 pages) explaining why what you demonstrated in the video is important to the region.

Summary must be double spaced, in size 12, Times New Roman font and can be done in point form.

Videos may be recorded and created using more sophisticated film equipment and software, though a clean video taken with a smartphone will suffice. Footage does not have to be your own, but the video must be an original. Please ensure you have proper permissions and do not infringe on copyright material. VIDEOS ARE SUBJECT TO BE USED ONLINE.

Written Essay and S.W.O.T. Analysis

Write an essay answering the question below and complete a S.W.O.T. analysis on Flagstaff Region.


Write an essay answering the question below:

Flagstaff Region is composed of 10 communities (four towns, four villages and two hamlets), with an overall population of 8,361. The employment base is made up of agriculture, oil and gas, retail,construction and healthcare sectors. We are aware of the region's aging and declining population and challenges such as the oil and gas industry downturn and the transition away from coal. In what ways are we, as a region, able to achieve long-term sustainability as a regional community?

Please provide detailed examples outlining your ideas with potential opportunities, initiatives or strategies to sustain Flagstaff Region long-term.

Essays must be written double-spaced in size 12, Times New Roman font and not exceed 500 words.

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Create a detailed S.W.O.T. analysis (1- 2 pages), that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Flagstaff Region.

S.W.O.T.'s may be done in point form.

Flagstaff County awarded scholarships ($25,000 in total) to 25 out of 51 total applications.

Reeve Don Kroetch recently posed for a group photo with the scholarship recipients who were able to stop by our administration building.

Students receiving a $1,000 Flagstaff County Educational Scholarship this year are:

  • Leah Armitage
  • Ashley Barton
  • Brynn Blumhagen
  • Maven Boddy
  • Cassidy Bogstie
  • Brett Cloutier
  • Kelsey Cloutier
  • Duncan Coutts
  • Alarie Guhle
  • Brooke Hochhausen
  • Jaime Holsworth
  • Sydney Kelndorfer
  • Madison Knodel
  • Cheyanne Kotylak
  • Bria Kroetch
  • Keaton Martz
  • Colton McMahon
  • Tucker McMahon
  • Shelby Meyer
  • Karali Newby
  • Alexis Pfeffer
  • Kaylee Prichard
  • Matthew Vaclavik
  • Derek Wurz
  • Jo-anne Yuzik

Best of luck to all of you in your studies!

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