Congratulations to the following Flagstaff farm families recently honoured in Camrose with Century Farm and Ranch awards!

  • The Etty Family of Galahad
  • The Giedemann Family of Heisler
  • The Hillman Family of Forestburg
  • The Kroetsch Family of Heisler
  • The Martin Family of Sedgewick
  • The McNabb Family of Forestburg
  • The Mowat Family of Galahad
  • The Ness Family of Sedgewick
  • The Prichard Family of Killam
  • The Roth Family (Doug) of Heisler
  • The Roth Family (Randal and Barbara) of Forestburg
  • The Stevenson Family of Galahad
  • The Vincett Family of Galahad

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(Photos courtesy Alberta Agriculture and Forestry)

etty family

giedemann family copy

kroetsch family

martin family copy

mcnabb family copy

ness family

prichard family copy

roth family

vincett family copy