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The legalization of recreational cannabis is a complex issue that will have many social and economic impacts. And while it is a mandate of the Government of Canada, all levels of government will have an important role to play as the legislation is rolled out this year.

Over the coming months, Flagstaff County will be reviewing federal and provincial direction and legislation as it becomes available, to help manage the legalization of cannabis in the best interest of our community.

The provincial government will set the minimum age for purchase and consumption of cannabis at 18. Cannabis products will be available for purchase from retailers that will receive their products from a government-regulated distributor with a distribution system similar to the system Alberta currently has in place for alcohol. All physical retail locations will have strict government oversight through licensing by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. The AGLC will set terms and conditions on licenses, as well as inspect licensees and address any violations. Licensed retail establishments will be the only stores permitted to sell cannabis, and will not be able to sell cannabis if they sell alcohol, tobacco or pharmaceuticals. The AGLC's details on licensing and establishing a cannabis retail operation can be found here.

Albertans will be allowed to consume cannabis in their homes and in some public spaces where smoking tobacco is allowed, but use will be banned in cars. In an effort to protect children and limit second-hand exposure, public smoking or vaping of cannabis in Alberta will be prohibited from any place where tobacco is restricted (such as stores, restaurants, recreation centres, transit shelters) as well as in the following places:

  • on any hospital property, school property or child care facility property;
  • playground;
  • sports or playing field;
  • skateboard or bicycle park;
  • zoo;
  • outdoor theatre;
  • outdoor pool or splash pad;
  • in cannabis retail outlets.

While the new legislation proposes to prohibit smoking cannabis in any place where tobacco is restricted by provincial law, as well as a list of many other places where children might be present, municipalities may expand on the list of restricted locations.

Cannabis Consumption Survey

To that end, Flagstaff County is conducting a survey of its residents. The purpose of the survey is to better understand both the attitude of residents towards the subject, as well as where the County can help its residents better understand the upcoming regulatory changes. By participating in this survey, you will be providing much needed input that will assist Flagstaff County in localizing rules and regulations for the public consumption (smoking/vaping) of cannabis.

Click HERE to take the survey now.

Please note that the survey closes at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

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