A County Events Publication

Based on some of the suggestions made, perhaps the County could compile an Events Calendar showcasing the events and festivities the towns already have with a general description of each. Amenities, facilities, available programs, etc. should also be included. People may realize that some of the things they are looking for are already being done but they are just not aware if them. Hard copy as well as Facebook versions should be made available along with any and all links to events listed. 

Women in Municipal Government/Elected Positions

Female representation across County Council, and Towns/Villages in the Flagstaff Region, is very low (More than 80% of all elected officials in the Flagstaff Region are male). 

A program targeted at encouraging leadership and democratic participation among women and girls – specifically tailored to women and girls in rural/remote areas. 

Long Lunch

It is an event where the main street of a town is blocked off and a line of picnic tables are set out. Each attendee would pay a fee for a plate and the entire community sits together for a meal. 

Community show

could I add someone from industry. Elevator mock up, guy telling how it works.demo from

local honey producer , environmental, importance of wildlife corridors, fish and wildlife.

 Vet, tractor dealer with static machinery for kids to sit on.

Just some random ideas. Thanks for listening.

Flagstaff Community Show

fire department. Police department involving the kids.

farm safety,4H to run a petting zoo and calves in pens.

could be at airport for parking space. Involve flying club to show kids planes.

Old car, motor bike show, career stand for country kids to stay in flagstaff.

food area and please, please, enough toilets!!! 

Just an idea to mull over and discuss. Hope it helps in some small way. Thank you for asking.

Helping Hand Network

In case of challenging situations like power grid failure, communication going down (cyber attack or other) food shortages etc…we could create a helping hand network within the County and within the villages.
1- What have the villages to offer: heated rooms (alternative heat) –   food – community centre for daily communication and updates
2- What have the people to offer: alternative heat (woodstoves etc..) canned food to share etc and how can we create a little reference booklet for all with available ressources (from private citizens and village) supporting us all.
3 – How could the county help to take off this project and how could we integrate it with current or future events (fairs etc) so it reaches everybody.
4 – We may also use only Flagstaff Bucks in a near future so we can survive anything together in our county and inspire more.




Registration Night

I think it would be good if the county put on a registraion / information night once or twice a year in a central location or 2 locations throughout the county so that everyone can see what groups and annual events are offered here.  This would include sports groups, volunteer organizations, large annual fundraising events, local attractions.

Program / Service Idea – Club Registration Night(s)

Good morning. Would you ever consider having a community registration night (or 2) in the fall and/or spring? We are new to the community (moving to Killam in Dec 2022) and are still having a VERY HARD Time finding information on recreation programing in the Flagstaff county. We have tried google searches, facebook, paper archives and still can not locate the information. For example – Jr. Curling in Sedgewick – there is a phone number only with no other info. I have tried emailing some of the provided emails for clubs and don’t get replies. My husband and I would interested in helping organize if required. Thank you for your consideration.

Food truck festival

Food trucks gather to display their delicious offerings in a common ground where people can mingle and listen to some music (live band or DJ) while supporting local food truck companies.

Local museum promotion

I would like to see our county museums promoted more to our families and schools. Schools should be using these local museums for learning resources.