Program / Service Idea – Club Registration Night(s)

Good morning. Would you ever consider having a community registration night (or 2) in the fall and/or spring? We are new to the community (moving to Killam in Dec 2022) and are still having a VERY HARD Time finding information on recreation programing in the Flagstaff county. We have tried google searches, facebook, paper archives and still can not locate the information. For example – Jr. Curling in Sedgewick – there is a phone number only with no other info. I have tried emailing some of the provided emails for clubs and don’t get replies. My husband and I would interested in helping organize if required. Thank you for your consideration.

Food truck festival

Food trucks gather to display their delicious offerings in a common ground where people can mingle and listen to some music (live band or DJ) while supporting local food truck companies.

Local museum promotion

I would like to see our county museums promoted more to our families and schools. Schools should be using these local museums for learning resources.

Rec centre for next generation

Start planning and saving for a regional recreation facility. Build something that is modern and can compete with what is being built in the cities. Towns should chip in as well.

Community Playground Upgrades

A lot of playgrounds in our communities have started to show their age and have safety concerns. Sometimes, there are community groups that will band together to fundraise a replacement – sometimes there aren’t!

A joint effort to apply for a large federal grant for aging playgrounds in collaborative communities could be a giant step to get the towns/villages to work together to fix this aging infrastructure! Sometimes all it takes is a step in the right direction to get towns/villages to step up on behalf of their communities and get the old equipment torn out – and safer replacements in their place.

Perhaps while working with a playground company – since lots of equipment can be ordered at the same time, bulk rates/lower prices can even be obtained benefiting anyone involved!

Adventure Guide

A digital Flagstaff Adventure Guide to highlight what each town has to offer. From hiking trails, to shopping, restaurants, camping, recreation, golfing, library, 4H clubs, other programs. This can then provide where to get further information on details.


I think at the Diplomat Mine campground (near Forestburg) there should be a playground. Not only would that entice people to come camp but even more families might come to fish. Not every family member likes to fish. It gives everyone something to do.

Bike clinic

Annual bike clinic for kids in spring in collaboration with the RCMP. Each year hosted by a different community in Flagstaff.

Country Residents recycling program

Working with Flagstaff Waste, to offer complimentary cardboard recycling or recycle bins with rental of the standard yard size bin or bigger.

The bins located in town limits are great but not ideal for rural addresses.

Annual Easter egg hunt

An event for the little ones to visit with the Easter bunny and hunt for some hidden eggs. Perhaps a donation to the food bank to attend.