Public Works - Hamlets

Public Works Emergency Contacts

  • After Hours Emergencies: 780-385-8211 or 780-385-6153
  • All other Public Works General Inquiries contact County Public Works at: 780-384-4100.

Gas Emergencies

  • Galahad (Phoenix Gas Co-op): 1-780-842-4653, Ext. 300
  • Strome (Ankerton Gas Co-op): 780-373-3773

Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Please note, all water and wastewater infrastructure located on the resident’s side of the property line is the responsibility of the resident to maintain and replace as shown in the diagram below. Please ensure water and wastewater infrastructure such as water meters are properly insulated and protected from environmental factors; residents will be responsible for the cost for any repair or replacement of infrastructure on the resident’s side of the property line.

If your water meter becomes frozen, please contact a plumber.


2021 Hamlet Infrastructure Plan

Hamlet of Strome

  • New Water Well - $45,000
  • Lagoon Upgrades - $590,000

Hamlet of Galahad

  • Water Well Connection - $100,000


In 2016, a visual assessment of the sidewalks within the Hamlets of Strome and Galahad identified extensive cracking, spalling and heaving/settlement. The consensus from previous Councils of both hamlets was to maintain the sidewalks for as long as they were repairable and safe for pedestrian usage; once they were no longer repairable or safe for pedestrians, they were to be removed.

Exceptions to this rule include both main streets and all locations in which there exists a sidewalk to a public facility, as well as two blocks on Lady Helen Avenue West in Galahad, which were built over a sewer line.

As sidewalks are removed in both hamlets, the concrete from the sidewalks will be repurposed to build up the walls of the existing lagoons in both Strome and Galahad. Currently, there are no plans to replace the sidewalks that have been removed.

The following maps of Galahad and Strome highlight the sidewalks identified for removal, along with the sidewalks that will remain in place: