Library Services - Galahad

In accordance with the Libraries Act (Section 10.1(1)), the Galahad Public Library Board will be dissolved. Assets of the library will become property of Flagstaff County and those owned by the Parkland Regional Library System will remain in the system.

Flagstaff County is a member of the Parkland Regional Library System. Residents of Galahad are encouraged to take out library memberships in neighbouring communities or utilize the Parkland Regional Library System.

To access their system visit

Neighbouring communities with libraries are: Alliance, Daysland, Forestburg, Heisler, and Killam.

Other online library services include:

TRAC - provides access to nearly 3 million items through online catalog." target="_blank">Alberta Library provides access to public, universities, colleges, and technical institutes.

TAL - The Alberta Library Search Gateway site provides access to 250 libraries province-wide.