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To view the Flagstaff Nights Alive website, visit http://www.flagstaffnightsalive.com.

Click below to view monthly schedules and special events for 2018:


Nights Alive is a youth initiative focused on enhancing the quality of life for teens in Flagstaff aged 14-17, with an emphasis on social inclusion and positive relationship building. Nights Alive is located in the basement of the FFCS building at 4809 - 49 Avenue, Killam, AB. This is a centre for teens to "drop-in" and hang out during the week and weekends, and will also engage teens in activities or events.

Drop-In: The drop-in function of Nights Alive is to provide teens with a place to hang out. They will also have access to the following gaming equipment:

      • Pool table
      • Ping pong table
      • Computers
      • Xbox Live
      • Shuffleboard
      • Musical Instruments
      • Netflix
      • Concession


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Staff will organize events and activities for the teens to engage in. Some examples of these MAY include:

      • West Edmonton Mall
      • Campfires
      • Theme Nights
      • Paintballing
      • Ski Trips
      • The Fringe
      • K-Days
      • Jaywalkers
      • Cooking Classes
      • Guest Speakers
      • Pizza Nights

Staff will be particularly interested in hearing what the teens would like to do for these events and activities.

Drop in nights will be free of charge. Fees will be developed for the events and activities based on a cost recovery basis.

One full-time individual has been hired to run the Nights Alive program, in addition to part-time program workers to assist the Program Director.


Sue Freadrich
Program Director
Phone: 780-385-4148
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Website: www.flagstaffnightsalive.com


Volunteers will be key to the success of this program, as they are with any community program. Volunteers are needed to help staff supervise and manage drop in nights, as well as during the monthly events/activities. For more information on being a Nights Alive volunteer, click here.

All staff and volunteers will be required to undergo a criminal records/vulnerable sector check. To sign up to become a volunteer, please contact Sue at 780-385-4148.

Vision, Mission, Goals:
To view the vision, mission, and goals of Nights Alive, click here.

Community Involvement:
Nights Alive is focused on establishing connections between local businesses and youth to promote local opportunities, and create an opportunity for the youth to give back to their community.

Nights Alive would like to thank members and businesses of the community for their donations, in-kind work, and continued support.

FFCSNights Alive is a non-profit organization managed by FFCS, funded by Flagstaff County

Flagstaff County has committed to providing a conditional grant to FFCS for the next three years as follows:

      • 2015 - $83,749 (from May to December)
      • 2016 - $128,402
      • 2017 - $134,151

Nights Alive staff would like to stress to all parents that if teens are dropped off at the centre, staff will not be responsible for them if they leave the facility.