Council’s goal is to offer recreation funding as an essential means for enhancing individual well-being, community vitality and economic sustainability.

At the beginning of each year, $750,000 in recreation funding is distributed to the 10 Agricultural Societies within the region. It is the Agricultural Societies' responsibility to distribute funding to organizations within the communities. The amount of funding provided to each society is based upon a formula of the percentage of the rural population applied to the total population of each community. It is Council’s belief that with funding allocations in the hands of the community’s Agricultural Society, the needs of the region will be best determined through the eyes of the citizens.

The most recent funding allocations are as follows:

Local Agricultural SocietyApproved Amount
Forestburg Ag. Society $123,175
Alliance Ag. Society $25,791
Galahad Ag. Society $17,638
Hardisty Ag. Society $94,713
Heisler Ag. Society $22,381
Killam Ag. Society $145,405
Lougheed Ag. Society $40,464
Sedgewick Ag. Society $127,026
Strome Ag. Society $33,794
Daysland Ag. Society $119,615
Total $750,000

Grant Reporting

A reporting form has been implemented to ensure Flagstaff County receives a consistent detailed description of how the grant funding is allocated each year. Grant recipients must provide financial reporting of these funds. Full details regarding Grant Recipient Reporting is included in the Flagstaff County Recreation Grant Guidelines.

Flagstaff County Recreation Grant Guidelines

Ag Society Grant Allocation Form

Grant Recipient Reporting Form
Grant Recipient Electronic Reporting Form

Flagstaff County has granted over $2 million towards recreational programs, events, and facilities since the release of the Flagstaff Regional Recreation Grant Program in early 2012.

Flagstaff County Grant Recipients

Contact Information:

Brent Hoyland

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer

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