Gravel Sales


Gravel is available to Flagstaff County ratepayers for sale to a maximum of 150 tonnes per year per residential/farm/acreage site within the County. Any residents of rural Flagstaff County or the hamlets wishing to purchase gravel must contact the Public Works department to make arrangements and obtain a "Permission for Purchase of Gravel" form prior to receiving any gravel sales. Gravel will not be loaded out of a pit without this form.  

  • June 19
  • July 3 and July 17
  • August 7 and August 21
  • September 4 and September 18
  • October 19 and October 23

Gravel sales are limited to the following gravel pits: Mazure Pit (NE 16-43-09 W4); Skori Pit #2 (N 1/2 09-46-11 W4); Barber Stockpile (NE 17-44-09 W4); and Daysland Stockpile (SE 13-45-17 W4), providing a loader is available at that gravel pit on that particular day.

To arrange for the purchase of gravel please contact John Guhle, Field Coordinator - Gravel, at 780-390-0321 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Information regarding a list of available aggregate products and pricing can also be obtained from the Public Works department. Flagstaff County does not haul gravel for ratepayers, hauling arrangements must be made by the ratepayer.

*Please note that the intent of County gravel sales is for use on private lands for laneways and yard sites, not for re-sale.

For a PDF copy of the Gravel Sales Procedure, click here.


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