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Effective Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 0700 hours, Flagstaff County has ordered Road Ban Order No. 2019-6. This Ban Order replaces Order No. 2019-5. The purpose of this order is to change the bans on oil surface roads to 90% from 75%.

To view Road Ban Order No. 2019-6, click HERE.

For a map showing all ban-free roads in the County, click HERE.

Road Bans define the maximum allowable weights permitted on certain municipal roads. Oil roads are banned at 50% during the spring, 75% during the summer and fall, and 90% during the winter months. Gravel roads are banned only if deemed necessary to protect the infrastructure. Certain dirt/sand roads have an annual weight restriction of 75% to reduce heavy oilfield traffic.

A permanent ban will be placed on the following roads at the following weight restriction. These restrictions may be removed on or after the date Alberta Transportation declares winter weight allowances in effect for roads under their control. These restrictions shall be reinstated when frost levels begin to decline to the point where protection of these roads is once again required.

The following oiled surface roads are banned 50% in the spring, 75% in the summer and fall, and 90% in the winter.

  • Strome East - Rge Rd 151, North for 0.4 miles from Hwy 13
  • Hardisty North - Rge Rd 95A, West for 1.0 miles to Rge Rd 100
  • Hardisty Access - Rge Rd 100A, North for 0.35 miles from Hwy 13
  • Airport Road (Hardisty) - Rge Rd 103, North for 7.0 miles from SH 608
  • Hardisty West - Town of Hardisty to Rge Rd 101 for 0.8125 miles
  • Shop Road West - Twp Rd 442, East for 2.1 miles from Rge Rd 130
  • Shop Road East - Twp Rd 442, East for 0.4375 miles from SH 689

In the event a public vehicle must haul on a road banned at 50%, they may exceed the 50% weight restriction to a maximum of 75%, without a permit, providing the shortest route is taken to a road with a weight restriction of more than 50%. A commercial carrier and/or energy or oil/gas, and private trucking company has the privileges, but must apply for a special "Site Specific" permit.

A person or company may apply to Flagstaff County for an Overload/Weight Restriction Agreement in order to travel on a banned road at 100%. The agreement holder shall provide security along with the agreement and accept full responsibility for all damages to the road. View Procedure: PW 007-1 Weight Restriction on Roads or contact the Public Works Office at 780-384-4100 for more information.

The agreement holder shall provide security along with the agreement and accept full responsibility for all damages to the road. The security requirements are:

  • Oil Sector $25,000
  • Ag Sector $5,000

The County undertakes a pre and post inspection of the road(s) under the agreement to access the condition. An inspection fee for each location inspected will be charged to the agreement holder.

  • Oil Sector $250/location
  • Ag Sector $250/location


Flagstaff County is to be advised of major hauls (more than 10 loads of 11,797 kgs or greater in a 24-hour period to or from the same location). Permits for a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement (MLRUA) can be obtained through Roadata Services Ltd. at 1-888-730-3745.

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