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Effective Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 0700 hours, Flagstaff County has ordered Road Ban Order No. 2020-5. This Ban Order replaces Order No. 2020-4. The purpose of this order is to reduce the weight restrictions on oil surface roads from 75% to 90%.

To view Road Ban Order No. 2020-5, please click HERE.

Road Bans define the maximum allowable weights permitted on certain municipal roads. Oil roads are banned at 50% during the spring, 75% during the summer and fall, and 90% during the winter months. Gravel roads are banned only if deemed necessary to protect the infrastructure. Certain gravel/dirt/sand roads have an annual weight restriction of 75% to reduce heavy traffic.

For more information on Flagstaff County's Weight Restriction Procedure, please click HERE.

The following oiled surface roads are banned 50% in the spring, 75% in the summer and fall, and 90% in the winter.

  • Rge Rd 151, North from Hwy 13 for 0.4 miles
  • Township Road 425A, Southwest from Highway 13 for 1.75 miles
  • Range Road 103, South from Township Road 425 for 1 mile
  • Township Road 442, East from Range Road 130 for 2.0 miles
  • Range Road 130, North from Highway 13 for 0.2 miles

In the event a public vehicle must haul on an oil surface road banned at 50%, they may exceed the 50% weight restriction to a maximum of 75%, without a permit, providing the shortest route is taken to a road with a weight restriction of more than 50%. A commercial carrier and/or energy or oil/gas, and private trucking company has the privileges, but must apply for a special "Site Specific" permit.

A person or company may apply to Flagstaff County for an Overload/Weight Restriction Agreement in order to travel on a banned road at 100%. The agreement holder shall provide security along with the agreement and accept full responsibility for all damages to the road. Contact the Public Works Office at 780-384-4100 for more information.

The agreement holder shall provide security along with the agreement and accept full responsibility for all damages to the road. The security requirements are:

  • Energy or Oil/Gas and Private Trucking Companies $25,000
  • Ag Sector $5,000

The County undertakes a pre and post inspection of the road(s) under the agreement to access the condition. An inspection fee for each location inspected will be charged to the agreement holder.

  • Oil Sector $250/location
  • Ag Sector $250/location


Flagstaff County is to be advised of major hauls (more than 10 loads of 11,797 kgs or greater in a 24-hour period to or from the same location). Permits for a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement (MLRUA) can be obtained through Roadata Services Ltd. at 1-888-730-3745.

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