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Flagstaff County is authorized by the Solicitor General of Alberta to employ two Community Peace Officers who have the authority to enforce legislation and regulations relating to:

  • The Traffic Safety Act
  • The Provincial Offences Procedure Act
  • The Highways Development and Protection Act
  • The Gaming and Liquor Act
  • The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • And other provincial acts and legislation.  
  • The Peace Officers work in partnership with various Federal and Provincial agencies to patrol and enforce legislation and regulations.

Community Peace Officers enforce weights and measures to ensure that road users operating in Flagstaff County are working within legal allowances, therefore protecting the infrastructure from damage and increasing safety on our roadways.

Flagstaff County Peace Officers are contracted to provide enforcement services for the urban municipalities within the County.

Peace Officer Tips – June 2018

commercial vehicle safety

What You Need to Know:

  • People in passenger vehicles are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash with a larger vehicle than the occupants of the larger vehicle.
  • Trucks are not large cars. Whether they are accelerating, braking, climbing a hill, changing lanes or turning onto a side street, big trucks must regularly perform certain maneuvers that drivers of passenger vehicles are generally not familiar with.
  • It is not a good idea to drive beside a large truck for any length of time. Trucks have large blind spots and the driver might not be able to see you.
  • Large vehicles also take longer to stop than passenger vehicles, for a variety of reasons including the size and weight of the vehicle, condition of the vehicle’s brakes and temperature of its brakes.
  • Leave at least three metres between your vehicle and the rear of a truck stopped at a light or stop sign, especially on a hill.
  • Trucks will usually swing slightly to the left before making a right-hand turn; do not assume the driver is turning left.
  • Almost 10,000 CVSA-certified officers will be inspecting commercial vehicles across North America on June 5-7, with a special focus on hours of service. 

Commercial Vehicle Facts:

  • There are more than 25,258 National Safety Code carriers in Alberta operating more than 145,290 commercial vehicles.
  • In 2017, the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch completed 28,744 commercial vehicle and/or driver inspections.
  • Tractor-trailers were 1.6 per cent of the total vehicles involved in casualty collisions, but 8.4 per cent of the vehicles in fatal crashes (2016).
  • 65.5 per cent of drivers of other vehicles involved in fatal collisions with truck tractors and 42.5 per cent in injury collisions committed a driving error. The most common errors were following too closely, being left of centre or violating a stop sign (2012 to 2016).  
  • The most common driving errors on the part of the truck tractor driver in casualty collisions were running off the road and following too closely (2016).
  • Of the truck tractor drivers who were fatigued and involved in casualty collisions, about half (48.9 per cent) crashed between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (2012 to 2016). 

For more information, check out these websites: 

Community Resource Officer

Under an enhanced policing agreement Flagstaff County provides support for the Community Resource Officer. The Community Resource Officer builds positive relationships with children and youth by participating in school-based activities while focusing on prevention of domestic violence and bullying, with a larger role in cross-sector training and community education.

If you have questions about rural policing services or would like more information, please contact the RCMP.

Contact Information:

Skyler Zelinski

Peace Officer

(780) 384-4100 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rick White

Peace Officer

(780) 384-4100 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.