Water Loading Facilities

P00012041Flagstaff County ASB, through the National Water Supply Expansion Program, has established seven water loading facilities within the municipality. The water at these facilities is not treated and is therefore non-potable. These wells contain levels of arsenic over the guidelines for livestock watering, however the water is suitable for crop spraying and irrigation purposes.

The following five facilities operate year-round and will ensure that rural residents have a reliable and adequate supply of water to utilize for agricultural purposes.

Water Test Results

  • NE 11-44-11-W4 (Lougheed)
  • SE 27-41-16-W4 (Forestburg)
  • SW 10-45-16-W4 (Daysland)
  • SE 2-43-13-W4 (Sedgewick)
  • NE 3-44-14-W4 (Killam)

To view a map of the water loading facilities, click here.

The following two facilities operate on a seasonal basis from May to October:

  • NE 8-41-12-W4 (North East of Alliance)
  • SW 27-41-10-W4 (South of Hardisty)


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