Shelterbelt Establishment Program

treeplantThe Flagstaff County Agricultural Service Department offers this program to rural landowners to help promote, establish, and maintain healthy shelterbelts. Shelterbelts conserve soil, protect crops and yard sites, trap snow, provide wildlife habitat, and beautify the landscape. The program will be delivered through an application process and at a 50/50 cost share between Flagstaff County and the landowner for the price of the trees.

Flagstaff County provides the service of planting and the first watering for any shelterbelt establishments that are at least one-third of a mile long. Tree planters and a plastic mulch applicator are also available for rent.

Plastic mulch is available for purchase at cost, and while supplies last. Additional watering is also available at the cost of $75/hour.

It is recommended that residents call the County office to reserve any equipment and services for this program as soon as possible as there is high demand during the planting season.

To download a shelterbelt application and to view the tree species available, click here.

Application deadline

Applications are closed for 2018.

Got questions? Call 780-384-4118 or toll free at 1-877-387-4100.

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