Shelterbelt Establishment Program

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The Flagstaff County Agricultural Service Department offers this program to rural landowners to help establish and maintain healthy shelterbelts. Shelterbelts conserve soil, protect crops and yard sites, trap snow, provide wildlife habitat, and beautify the landscape.

The Shelterbelt Establishment Program is delivered through an application process and at cost recovery.

Plastic mulch is available for purchase at cost (approximately $170/1,500-ft roll), and while supplies last. A plastic mulch applicator is available for a $100 refundable deposit. Click HERE for tips and more information about mulching.

Apply Now

Applications for the 2021 Shelterbelt Establishment Program are now closed. Tree delivery is expected in May 2021.

Got questions? Call 780-384-4100 or toll free at 1-877-387-4100.

How to plant a shelterbelt

Click HERE to learn how to properly plan and plant a shelterbelt.

Species recommended for shelterbelts

Click HERE to find out which species are recommended for shelterbelts. (Please note: Subject to availability.)

Benefits of shelterbelts

Click HERE to read "Shelter belts can help increase crop yields," published Oct. 11, 2018 on The Western Producer website.

Tree Pruning Tips

Click HERE for some helpful tips on tree pruning, and watch the following video.

Plant Smart Around Power Lines

Click HERE for tips on planting safely around power lines.

Shelterbelt Workshop

Watch the following video for a workshop on shelterbelts. 


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