Groundwater Protection & Enhancement Programs

Monitoring Program

With the assistance of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), Flagstaff County ASB began an automated water well monitoring program in 2005. This program involves monitoring the aquifer levels at each of the tank loader wells. The data is collected on a regular basis and to help to determine aquifer levels and track trends in the water table.

Arsenic Removal Feasibility Study

Flagstaff County and AAFC have jointly funded a feasibility study to evaluate various treatment options for removing arsenic from groundwater. The study and its results provides the ASB the information required in order to meet and/or exceed current Canadian drinking water guidelines. The study examined oxidation followed by absorption, oxidation followed by ion exchange, and the use of metal oxide media. Pre-treatment requirements and wastewater management alternatives were also considered. The cost of capital, operating, and installation costs for each identified alternative at flow rates of 30-50 gpm previewed as well.

Watch Your Water Program

This is a program that was created in 2009 to aid residents in testing their drinking water for general chemistry and arsenic levels. In the past, the County has found areas with naturally occurring arsenic in groundwater in the South East portion of the County. Since arsenic is both tasteless and odorless, only a specific laboratory test can detect it.

Since 2009, 116 samples have been submitted for testing, identifying 16 locations with high arsenic levels.


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