Fusarium Graminearum

fusiarumonplant1FUSARIUM HEAD BLIGHT, caused by Fusarium Graminearum, is the most destructive fungal disease of wheat and barley in Canada. Movement of Fusarium Graminearum into Alberta from Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the United States threatens to cause significant economic losses to producers and the grain industry if not handled properly.

This fungal disease can greatly decrease yield, quality, and generate mycotoxins, which can cause livestock feeding problems.

Flagstaff County is working cooperatively with all agencies to ensure that the possible spread of Fusarium is mitigated.

We urge all producers who acquire this product to be aware of the consequences and be prepared to utilize best management practices to prevent the introduction and spread of Fusarium Head Blight into our municipality.

Under the Ag. Pests Act, compliance will be strictly enforced to ensure that users of feed grains known to contain Fusarium Graminearum will be properly managed.

We urge all producers to be aware of weed and pest issues when feed (hay and grain) is sourced from outside the province of Alberta.

Please be diligent, demand quality and ensure adequate testing is done to help protect the viability of our agricultural industry.

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