Strategic Plan

County Vision

A safe, caring and vibrant rural "Community of communities" committed to working with our neighbours to ensure the quality of life for all citizens.

As an innovative and progressive "Community" that balances economic prosperity and environmental stewardship, we deliver a responsible level of service that is both efficient and effective.

Strategic Plan Pillars

Flagstaff County's Vision is supported by 'pillars' that connect the vision to the policies of the municipality, the business plan and budget. These pillars are essentially building blocks as to how the vision will be achieved. Each pillar contains a strategic objective statement describing the outcome/goal of that pillar.

A. Community of communities

Strategic Objective Statement:

Through strong political and administrative leadership, Flagstaff County is committed to working with the Towns and Villages to enhance existing partnerships; actively seek new collaborative opportunities; share resources; and build on each other's expertise to provide programs and services that benefit the citizens of the "Community of communities."

B. Environmental Responsibility

Strategic Objective Statement:

To demonstrate Flagstaff County's commitment to environmental responsibility by working to minimize our adverse impact on the natural environment through the adoption of eco-friendly practices, progressive planning and the use of green technology.

C. Economic Prosperity

Strategic Objective Statement:

Develop key priorities and a shared vision to create more economic and industry opportunities in the County by engaging and understanding the opportunities and capacity of our community.

D. Social Responsibility

Strategic Objective Statement:

Flagstaff County will endeavour to provide support services for seniors, youth and adults in the community, by first determining the need and then developing long term plans.

E. Responsible Level of Service

Strategic Objective Statement:

Flagstaff County is committed to provide efficient, effective and equitable municipal services.


Strategic Plan 2018-2022

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