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Don't get left in the dust!

County landowners living on or near gravel roads are encouraged to take advantage of our residential dust control program.

When you sign up for this program, the County will apply MG 30 to the roadway adjacent to your property.

Click here to download a 2017 Dust Suppressant Application agreement. Fill it out and send it in prior to August 1, 2017 for fall application.

Flagstaff County will apply MG 30 as a dust suppressant for citizens at the following rates:

2017 MG 30 Rates

Application Rate – 2.5 liters/sq. meter
100 m x 7 m wide = $486.94
200 m x 7 m wide = $973.88
300 m x 7 m wide = $1,460.81
400 m x 7 m wide = $1,947.75
(All prices include GST)