Spring melt

Crews are busy pumping water and clearing plugged culverts associated with the spring melt.

Flooding/washouts resulting from excessive surface runoff have forced the closure of the following County roads:

  • roadclosed copy copy copy copy copyRge Rd 155, from Twp Rd 430 north to Twp Rd 432 (northeast of Heisler)
  • Rge Rd 131, between Twp Rd 460 and 454 (north of Killam)
  • Rge Rd 161, between Twp Rd 434 and 440 (north of Heisler)
  • Rge Rd 111, south of Hwy 13 and Twp Rd 432 (east of Lougheed)
  • Twp Rd 444, between Rge Rd 143 to 141 (northwest of Killam)
  • Twp Rd 432, between Hwy 856 and Rge Rd150 (south of Strome)
  • Twp Rd 400, east of Rge Rd 113 (east of Alliance)
  • Rge Rd 161, between Twp 430 and 424 (east of Heisler)
  • Twp Rd 452, from Hwy 13 east to Rge Rd 164 (west of Daysland)
  • Rge Rd 165, from Twp 460 north to 462 (north of Daysland)
  • Rge Rd 170, from Hwy 26 south to Twp Rd 462 A (north of Daysland)
  • Rge Rd 150, from Twp 430 to 432 (east of Heisler)
  • Rge Rd 154, from Twp 460 to Twp Rd 462 (northeast of Daysland)
  • Twp Rd 464, from Rge Rd 145 to 150 (north of Strome)
  • Twp Rd 464, from Rge Rd 152 to 153 (north of Strome)
  • Rge Rd 152, from Twp Rd 432 to 430 (south of Strome) 

To report a washout, please click HERE or call the County office at 780-384-4100 during regular business hours. For after-hours emergencies, call Darrell at 780-385-6105 or John at 780-390-0321.


(Note: Please keep in mind that our seasonal crews will be out working on our roadways and to use extreme caution while travelling on these roads while they are being maintained in any way.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation during this season.)