Notice is hereby given that the Development Officer has issued a development permit in accordance with the Land Use By-Law No. 06/12 for the following development:

Douglas Larry Smith of Lougheed, Alberta has placed a garage on the NE quarter of Section 3 Township 43 Range 11 West of the 4th Meridian. NE-3-43-11-W4, Plan 1321906, Blk 1, Lot 1.

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public works updates300wPublic Works Updates: Roadways are cleared of snow as necessary. During normal winter conditions, County gravel roads should be cleared of snow within four days, unless there is heavy snow and persistent winds.

Two plow trucks are designated to remove snow and apply sand/salt to oil and paved surface roads. Two graders are allocated for snow and ice removal on MG30 roads.


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gopherIt’s probably the last thing on your mind right now. But when infestations of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels are wreaking havoc on crops and farmland in a few months, eradicating the irksome varmints will be top of mind. By then, however, it could be too late.

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