Message From the Reeve

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Flagstaff County Council is proposing the following Business Plan for 2017. This Business Plan supports Council's Vision and Strategic Plan which has five pillars.

Community of communities: We will be working with our urban neighbours through the Flagstaff Intermunicipal Partnership (FIP) committee on a regional governance initiative, to look at how our communities can work together to ensure the success of the entire region. Council understands the challenges we are facing, shifting demographics, changing of global economic landscape, and higher service expectations.  That is why Council is working with our urban neighbours to position ourselves as a single region. This will increase our chances of growing our region and ensuring that we have a sustainable community.

Economic Prosperity: The completion of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) reviews will occur in 2017. This will update our land use regulations and prepare the region for business development.  The Economic Development Department will continue with our marketing and brand building initiative for the Flagstaff Region.  We will also be engaging with the Coal Advisory Panel with our neighbours, Forestburg, County of Paintearth and Castor looking for alternatives to deal with the economic impact of our region when coal power generation is phased out.

Social Responsibility: Council will continue to provide supportive services for seniors, youth, and adults in our community. We will provide for libraries, cemeteries, early childhood development, youth development, doctor recruitment, and Flagstaff Family and Community Services (FFCS).  Seniors housing and long term care will be supported, working with non-profits to develop business plans for these services to be presented to the provincial government.

Responsible Level of Service: County Council firmly believes in a responsible level of services that is efficient and equitable.  We will continue with our Rural Road Plan.  A significant change is the phasing out of calcium chloride as a dust suppressant and replacing it with magnesium chloride. After a thorough testing, this product performs well and is non-corrosive.  Council will be moving the county shop construction forward in 2017 with completion in 2018. 

Environmental Sustainability: A new program, Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS), to support environmental sustainability, will be brought forward in 2017. This program will compensate landowners to retain and reconstruct natural areas, such as wetlands, riparian ares and trees. Council believes this program has a positive impact in Flagstaff County, as we strive to protect our environment.  

Our Business Plan reflects back the County Council’s Vision and Strategic Plan. We are a “Community of communities” committed to working with our neighbours to ensure that we are economically sustainable.  

Gerald Kuefler, Reeve
Flagstaff County